Radio Besedki is a program on that is different from the usual commercial radio with its mainstream mainstream programs.

However, we do not limit ourselves to any format and thus narrow down artistically.

Not all parts of a program are on flat, sometimes on Missingsch or High German. It always depends on our respective interview guests.

In addition to a lot of North German music - on flat, in German, sometimes in English and Scandinavian - often with a lot of maritime flair - we report on typical northern German cult events, such as the Wattolümpiade, Low German (regional) days, Slams, Live Music u.v.m.

We introduce North German artists and their works, regardless of whether they are already known or still belong to the "junior area". Especially in the Low German scene happens a lot of new things. Many artists - even young ones - have discovered this language as a new creative platform for themselves, both in literature and in music. One of Radio Besedki's main concerns is to take account of this increasingly booming and exciting development.

And do not forget our Koek-Eck in the show, which has slowly achieved cult status:

Low German recipes with singing - literally set to a post-bake!

Cooking is much more fun then. And often they are recipes from our Nordic region - and also adapted to the season.

So listen in and discover Radio Besedki .... Have fun!